Mail Sever Settings (DIY Approach)


Below are the generic settings to connect to the M1 Email exchange server. This is for if you need to manually set up a device.


You do not need to worry about your email address changing. You can receive mail at either domain, or, but in order to setup your email you need to use your network username followed by (the same network username that use to login to vpn). It should be your (unless you are an older employee or your name has changed). 


Field    Enter Notes

Where firstname.lastname is your actual first name and last name. Check with your manager if you are unsure of your email address.

Password    Active Directory/Exchange password This may be the same as your domain password or your VPN password. 
Domain\User name



You can use your full email address for your username. You can also use the domain\first.last name format (where domain is if you are feeling fancy. 
Use secure connection (SSL) check-android or SSL Check to enable Use secure connection (SSL) or for Security Type, choose SSL
Port Number 443 Since you are using SSL, you must specify port 443
Accept all SSL certificates error-check or None Please leave Accept all SSL certificates blank if presented with this option. 


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