Spam Quarantine Report


Whenever you get an email that our E-mail security appliance determines to be questionable, our system will quarantine that email. 

If one of your emails is quarantined, you will receive a quarantine report that day. The report you will receive will look like the following:


With Spam messages, you can choose to:

  • Deliver the message if you think it isn't spam.
  • Whitelist the message if you know it isn't spam and want to prevent future emails from the sender from being quarantined.
  • Delete the email from the quarantine. 
  • If you need to blacklist an email address to prevent future emails, you will have to Login to the Appliance and add them to your blacklist. You can use your email address and current password for the credentials. 


Change Spam Quarantine Report Settings

At the bottom of the email, there are links that let you change settings about how often this report is delivered, what is included in the report, and other various controls over your spam settings.

*Remember: You will only receive these Report emails if there is an email in your quarantine. 




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